About Me
My name is John, and I am the eldest of nine children.  I have four kids of my own, as well as three "step" kids.  I also have nine grandkids, and 20 niecess and nephews: so I guess you can say that I comee from a large family.
I grew up, and lived in the Chicagoland area for nearly 50 years, but  I moved to Phoenix in 2013, to "get away from it all".  Since I've been here, I haave been having a lot of medical challenges, which I have sought out care through the local VA hospital.
I was given an opportunity to participate in their "Recreation Therapy" program.  I chose to do ceramics, as I am loosing my site, and I thought it would be a great (tactile) medium, should I loose my ability to see.
I have been doing pottery now since March 2014, and I am really loving this medium.  Though I don't attend the classes at the VA, I  continue to learn through reading books, watching a plethora amount of YouTube videos; as well as attend pottery events, and talk with other artisians.
I  will continue to educate myself on many facets of this artform, and will practice so that my skill will mature over time.