Student Gallery

Here are a few pictures from our ceramics and pottery students.

All students are 18+ and have signed a release allowing for their images or likeness to be used.

The Birthday Girl On The Wheel

Giving HIs Try At This Too...

Ryan getting started on the wheel

Centering: harder than it looks

Katie says "I got this centering thang!"

Checking the thickness of the base

So You Would Like To Learn More About Making Pottery

Passing On To The Next Generation

It happened quite by accident: we made a change to Google, and we started getting requests to teach classes.  So here we are, several students in, and things are increasing.  So we have been making an easier way for people to register for classes.  We have added a new scheduling system, well, actually two: that you schedule a class.  Once we get the integration of our primary system installed: we will have a nice uniform system for making and paying for classes.

We are currently offering two classes: Introduction To Handbuilding & Introduction To The Potter's Wheel.  Classes are offered most days, and times: and if you cannot find a day or time that fits your needs - we should be able to make a fit in our schedule.  The class prices we quote, are all-inclusive: everything you need is included.  This means the clay, use of the equipment and tools, the standard firings and glazes are all a part of the price you pay.  Additional fees may apply for certain "specialty" firings, should you choose to do one of those.

If you are interested in finding out more about our classes, click on the button below.  If you are ready to make your appointment, click HERE (opens in a new Tab/Window)

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